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World Heritage Baseball Shirt (Pink Stripes)

Sale price$169.90 SGD

Baseball uniforms, originating in the mid-19th century, started with modest designs—long-sleeved flannel shirts and ankle-length pants. Over time, practical elements like lightweight materials and visibility-enhancing features, such as pinstripes, shaped their evolution.

In the 20th century, uniforms reflected broader fashion influences, embracing vibrant colors, unique logos, and bold designs. The 1970s and 1980s witnessed the introduction of pullover styles and distinctive patterns.

Now, baseball jerseys have transcended the field, becoming popular casual wear. Our latest World Heritage Baseball Shirt pays homage to this rich American baseball jersey history - seamlessly blending classic elements with contemporary fashion & capturing the essence of the sport’s sartorial journey. It is crafted using exclusive Baseball Stripe Cotton from Japan. The round collar, lapel, and dark indigo trimmings add a touch of contrast, while wooden buttons and a rounded hem complete the look.

  • World Heritage Baseball Stripe Cotton (Pink Stripes)
  • Baseball collar
  • Rounded hem
  • Wooden buttons
  • Lightweight & breathable

Size Chart - World Heritage Baseball Shirt
World Heritage Baseball Shirt (Pink Stripes)
World Heritage Baseball Shirt (Pink Stripes) Sale price$169.90 SGD