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About Us

Handmade Quality Vintage-Inspired Clothing

Chota is built upon the philosophy that style and functionality precedes trend. We believe in crafting quality ready-to-wear pieces that withstand the rapidly changing times. Each product is meticulously handmade in Singapore, with thoughtfully curated textiles, and complete with intricate details.

Every design goes through a series of meticulous steps to ensure the perfect product is curated. We start with sourcing the finest quality fabrics, to drafting and cutting our own patterns, and eventually sewing it all together.

We take pride in focusing on the details and making sure every piece is done flawlessly. Only limited quantities are made for each design - to preserve resources and avoid waste.

Our Fabric

We strongly believe in sourcing only the finest quality Japanese fabrics. Japanese fabric dealers generally don’t produce in bulk and mainly focus on producing naturally-sourced fibers like cotton, silk and linen rather than man-made synthetic fibers like polyester.

Naturally-sourced fibers have enhanced durability and they age beautifully overtime. Some of the fabrics we use include Japanese Indigo Wabash, Cotton Twill & Cotton Canvas.