Military Jungle Pants

$289.90 SGD
These pants are inspired by the P-44 pants used by the USMC back in the 40s. The bellows pockets on the sides were made large to fit k-ration boxes and the back pocket was to pack a camouflage poncho.

Chota’s take on the P-44 pants allows for the pockets to be detachable. This allows for added flexibility when styling! The bellows pockets are fully functional and can be used to store modern day necessities - like phones, wallets & keys.
Color: Olive

The Military Standard

This is Chota's take on the military P-44 pants.

The multi pocket design of the Military Jungle Pants is inspired by the practicality of military cargos and the iconic jackets from the past.

Remove the detachable bellows pockets to reveal a brand new style - a smart, pleated cargo pants.

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