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Article: Our Top 5 Pants Styles

Our Top 5 Pants Styles

Our Top 5 Pants Styles

From patchwork to cargo, there are many styles of pants that suit a range of occasions and create a pleasant change from the regular denim. Whether you’re heading to the office or going for a casual dinner, you need to know what type of pants to wear and how to style them. Here are our top 5 pants styles to alleviate your wardrobe choices! 


1. Gurkha Pants

Gurkha Pants are Chota’s ‘OG’ style of pants. These iconic pants are inspired from the steadfast Gurkha uniforms which were deeply rooted in British military tradition but modified specifically for use by the Nepalese. Technical, sartorial and practical, the iconic gurkha pants are defined by their double-pleated front and high, cummerbun-style waistband with buckle fastenings. Traditional Gurkha pants feature a very distinct buckling system, with a buckle emanating from within the waistband on the left hip and an extension above the fly piece forming the buckle’s tongue for the right hip. Enamored by the unique closure, Nepalese roots, and military function of the original trousers, gurkha pants have and will always be a key part of Chota’s designs. Our gurkha pants are crafted from Japanese Cotton Canvas - for durability and a rugged look - completed with a loose, relaxed silhouette. 

Over the years, our gurkha pants have had a few variations - Gurkha 1.0 - 4.0, Officer Gurkha Pants, and our latest Double Buckle Gurkha Pants. Our gurkha pants are best paired with a t-shirt or shirt tucked in, emphasizing on its thick waistband that can shape and frame your entire body - giving that aesthetic enhancement. Each design comes in various neutral colors, making them extremely versatile to match. 


2. Military Patchwork Pants

Another iconic style of Chota pants that have been around are the Military Patchwork Pants. These cargo-style pants are inspired by the 1940s French army M47 field pants. Crafted from heavy duty cotton canvas, these pants are patched with various contrasting coloured fabrics, enhancing their look. They’re finished off with a small front pocket and 2 side button details that allows for it to be tightened/loosened at the waist. 

Our Military Patchwork Pants are best paired with almost any top! It can be dressed up with a shirt for a more semi-formal look, or with a plain coloured tee for a more casual look! An interesting detail is the adjustable ankle cuffs at the hem that can be buttoned for a slightly more tapered fit. They come in various neutral colors, with the exception of the Delton Patchwork Pants that come in a more bold orange-tan color. 


3. Ragi Tie Pants


Our Ragi Tie pants are inspired by the traditional Japanese Hakama Pants. Hakama (袴)  is a pants garment with a rich history, worn by Chinese generals and Samurais, to Japanese field workers and martial art practitioners. They are tied at the waist, wide-legged and fall approximately to the ankles. The Ragi Tie pants pay homage to these historical wide leg trousers – switched up with a more sophisticated and modern cut.

Our Sashiko Ragi Tie Pants pay homage to these historical wide-leg trousers - switched up with a modern cut and a simple belt. It is meticulously crafted with the Original 'Kasezome' Indigo-dyed Sashiko fabric. Sashiko is a remarkable hand-sewing technique rooted in ancient Japan. It evokes the essence of "little stabs" - which are the gentle stitches that form mesmerizing geometric patterns. One thing that stands out about these pants is the 2 different ways the belt can be tied (as shown below). The first way is a half bow, with the arms hanging down like a loose belt. The second way is a unique criss-cross design that is classy, yet still functional as the belts can be tightened by pulling at both ends. Our Ragi Tie Pants are best paired with a long or short-sleeved t-shirt tucked in for men and a cropped top for ladies. This way, the belt design is visible, creating a stylish appearance. They are best matched with sandals, for a more relaxed look or even sneakers for a casual office look. 



4. Suspender Pants

Back in the day, suspenders were used to hold up men’s pants for over a century before the belt took over. They were designed specifically so that they would hold trousers up elegantly.  They  provide a smarter appearance to belts, as there’s no unsightly bunching of fabric or ballooning that you can sometimes get with a belt. Many men also find suspenders more comfortable as there’s no leather or cloth band pressing up against your waist when you sit down. 

Our suspender pants feature an X cross back which was common in the mid-century, as well as adjustable leg cuffs at the bottom. They can be worn with or without the strap, making it extremely versatile. It can also be worn on the shoulder or dangling down both sides for a more casual look. Our Orlando Suspender Pants are our newest classic. They are best paired with a plain henley t-shirt and boots or boat shoes for that classic vintage look. These pants have taken a liking to many ladies due to its high waistline and thin suspender strap width that makes it very flattering! 


5. BDU Pants

Our BDU Pants are modeled after the U.S. Military’s Standard Issue Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) in the 1980s. They were driven by the need for a more functional military uniform with a more advanced camouflage pattern. It is characterized by a general fit made to accommodate a wide variety of body shapes, specialized pocketing providing multiple easy-access options for storing gear and equipment, and a design built to ensure the wearer’s range of motion across a wide variety of activities. These tactical pants are similar in style to cargo pants but are designed with heavy duty rugged fabrics and materials.

Our BDU pants take on a more classic military appearance with large pockets for extensive storage space. They also feature a flap at the knee, incorporating the modern cargo pants style. Chota’s Military BDU Pants, inspired from the British officer pants, are most popular with our customers. With 9 functional pockets and heavy duty Cotton Canvas/Cotton Twill materials, these pants set the standard in reliability and tactical functionality. We also added a ‘gurkha pants’ element to these pants, with an adjustable D-ring belt. They are available in 2 colours - Olive and Black. Our BDU pants are often matched with an oversized t-shirt for a relaxed street-style look. They are best paired with most sneakers, and combat boots for a more military look.

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