Officer Gurkha Pants

$249.90 SGD

Inspired by the steadfast Gurkhas uniform and officer pants

  • Cotton Wool Blend
  • Mustard
  • Mid-waisted fit
  • Wide waistband with side buckle fastening

    *Machine Wash / Cold Wash Only, do not put in high heat dryers

    **Model stands at 189cm and wears Size L


    The Officer Gurkha Pants

    The British Military Standard. Expect Nothing Less.

    Practicality and Design uncompromised

    Practical like most military uniforms, the Officer Gurkha Pants has adjustable waist bands that acts as a belt. The waist bands are a part of the iconic look of the classic Gurkha army uniform.

    Not Your Regular

    Gurkha Construction

    The waist bands are separated from the main button panel, which creates an unconventional Gurkha waistline design. This Particular design is considered to be very rare.

    Modern Influence

    Women of today continue to embrace the practical and timeless style of vintage military workwear.

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