Humble Origins

The Noragi Jackets were worn by farmers of the rural parts of Japan. They were constructed using scrap fabrics and often times patched and sashiko stitched.

Foundation for Modern Fashion

300 years ago, only the elites and the upper-class wore high quality silk. The commoners and farmers wore Noragi jackets that were reconstructed in many ways. This would set the foundation for the high quality Japanese fabric of the present day.

Reimagined by Chota


The Noragi expresses our admiration for the Japanese silhouette.
Chota has been crafting our own take of this traditional workwear since 2009.

Deeply rooted Japanese tradition

With Modern Influence

Today, we retain the traditional methods of the construction of Noragi jackets. Patchworks are no longer only for durability, but are also a big part of the jacket's design.